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Service Pro® Control Center with MCD® Technology

The Service Pro control center combines integrated circuitry, advanced telemetry and web-based data acquisition for the remote management of any wastewater treatment system.  Service Pro is the only control center that employs the revolutionary Monitoring, Compliance and Diagnostic (MCD) Technology.  Designed to automatically operate the Singulair treatment plant, Service Pro also monitors the operation of the entire onsite system, provides verification of compliance with installation permit requirements and is equipped with on-board diagnostics that verify when service work is performed and when maintenance is required.

Norweco's team of engineers and scientists developed Service Pro to make it easier for service providers, regulatory officials and system owners to manage onsite wastewater treatment systems.  The Service Pro control center is linked via telemetry to Norweco's Service Pro monitoring center where detailed operation and maintenance records are stored and, with the help of the Service Pro website, can be viewed 24/7 from a computer anywhere in the world.  MCD technology allows remote monitoring of system operation and real-time tracking of all service work.  Confirmation of proper system operation and the amount of time spent during each service visit are reported and permanently recorded on the Service Pro website.

In the event of an alarm condition from the Singulair system and up to three separate auxiliary treatment components, the registered service provider is automatically notified.  Notification of the alarm condition continues automatically every 48 hours until the alarm condition is corrected.  Every 30 days each Service Pro control center communicates to the monitoring center that the system it is operating is functioning normally.  If for any reason the confirmation of proper operation is not received, the registered service provider is automatically notified.  Concerns about operation and maintenance, for any system monitored by Service Pro, are a thing of the past.

Detailed service reports and a complete operational history for every system monitored by Service Pro are available on the secure, password protected Service Pro website.  System owners have access to all information on file for their system.  Health officials and service providers have access to data from each of the systems under their jurisdiction.  The Service Pro control center and web-based management system capably handle all domestic applications.  The permanent answer to operation and maintenance of onsite treatment systems is only a mouse-click away.

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Downloadable Files

Service Pro Control Center Brochure PDF 668KB

Service Pro Specifications PDF 704KB

Singulair Specifications PDF 1.27MB

Singulair Owner's Manual PDF 1.22MB

Service Pro Quick Start Guide PDF 713KB

TNT Service Pro Quick Start Guide PDF 641KB